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Bracket forklift/forklift support

 Product Description:

Bracket forklift/forklift support

Material: Ductile iron casting

Application: Japan style forklift bracket support parts accessories

Engineering parts,  Construction Machinery Parts ; Engineering Machinery Accessories ; Project machine assembly, and many others parts we can do:
1.Auto spare parts

Spring seat, Bearing block, Clutch shell, Housing.

2. Spare Parts of Engineering Machinery / Mining Machinery
Connector, Guide wheel, Differential mechanism, Diving wheel, Gear box,
Duplex filter, Bracket, Shaft bearing, Axle ring, Supporting set, Major planet carrier.

3. Railway Rolling Stock Spare Parts
Rear cover, Flange plate, Motor shell, Axle box, Bearing bracket.
4. Spare Parts for Pump & Valve


Valve body, Base pipe-bending, Frame plate, Shaft block, shell.

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